He’s a Ladies Man

Peanut told me all about this girl, ” She’s a kindergartner.  I met her at aftercare.  She’s nice.”  I met the girl the next day.  She asked where his little brother was.  She gave Peanut a hug and messed his hair up.  As we were getting into our car, her car drove past and she rolled down the window to scream goodbye and to wave.

The next day, I told Peanut’s teachers.  They conveyed that he is popular with ALL the girls.  Apparently he plays well with others. 

That takes us to Tuesday.  I was picking up Bean and as we were leaving a girl from Peanut’s old class cornered me.  “Where is Peanut?” she demanded.

I explained that he went to a new school.  “But WHERE is he?!?”  I again explained.  “Well, what is the name of THIS school?”  I told her the name.  She looked sad.  Her next question practically tore my heart out.  “Does he have NEW friends?”

His friends that are boys just tell me to say hi to him.  His girlfriends miss him apparently.


Bean is trouble.

The boy is crazy.  Completely crazy.  He loves to take his pants off.  LOVES.  He took his pants off months ago and when I asked him, “Why did you take your pants off?”  His reponse was, “For the money.”  Needless to say that he did not get in trouble.

This weekend, he had an epic diaper failure.  So we did not dress him right away after getting him in his diaper.  He eventually crawled into our living room window box.  He yelled, “I’m naked.  I am in window!!  I DANCE!!  DANCE!!”  We just reminded him that he’s not allowed in the window. 

Maybe we should dress him as a Chippendale dancer for Halloween.

New School

Peanut started a new school this month.  It has been a long process for us.  It started last October when we went to the open house.  Then applied, parent interviews, playdate. 

I was a bundle of nerves.  We think Peanut was nervous, but he would not admit.  He appears to like it.  He will tell that he doesn’t like it, but they go for long nature walks, have an outdoor classroom, use an emergent curriculum which he thinks is the bee’s knees.

The changes that we have seen in him are amazing so far.  He is more confident in his speech and actions.  He asks more questions showing that he is truly thinking about the stories that we are reading or about what we are doing.  His speech is clearer. 

He is exhausted and dirty when he comes home almost every day.  Now we need to see if we can get Bean in the same school next year.  He is 10 days short of their deadline to be 3.  We shall see.


Bean climbed up there all by himself.



Words Words Words

Bean never stops talking.  He’s almost 20 months and it is all talking all the time.  His new teacher just asked me if I think he talks more than his older brother did at this age.  The answer is a resounding YES.  The child never stops.

He wanders into the room and says HI!  Milk Please!  He’s opinionated and loud.  He has a LARGE personality for such a small guy. 

Stink gives everyone the Stink Eye.  You never know when it is going to come.  Watch out. 

Most of the talking I blame on Peanut.  Peanut loves to talk to his brother.  In the car, he’ll ask him if that was his favorite song.  “You like that song?  Is that your favorite song?”  Or will be looking at baby animals and will say, “Look at that puppy!  Isn’t that cute?” 

So I’m sort of waiting for their teenage years for some peace and quiet.  I’m thinking that is when they stop talking to their parents, right?




What I chose over breastfeeding

What I chose over breastfeeding.